quick1 W2S1 [kwık] adj comparative quicker superlative quickest
1¦(short time)¦
3¦(no delay)¦
5 be quick
6 be quick to do something
7 quick fix
8 have a quick temper
9 be quick on the draw
[: Old English; Origin: cwic 'alive']
1.) ¦(SHORT TIME)¦
lasting for or taking only a short time
That was quick! I thought you'd be another hour.
It's probably quicker by train.
Have we got time for a quick drink?
What's the quickest way to the station?
We stopped to have a quick look at the church.
Three bombs went off in quick succession (=quickly, one after the other) .
2.) ¦(FAST)¦
moving or doing something fast
She walked with short, quick steps.
They were great people to work with - very quick, very efficient.
3.) ¦(NO DELAY)¦
happening very soon, without any delay
= ↑speedy
I had to make a quick decision .
We've put the house on the market and we're hoping for a quick sale .
We need a quick response from the government.
Robertson's quick thinking had saved the little girl's life.
4.) ¦(CLEVER)¦
able to learn and understand things fast
Jane's very witty and very quick.
She's a quick learner .
He's a good interviewer, tough and quick on the uptake (=able to understand quickly what someone is saying) .
5.) be quick
used to tell someone to hurry
If you want to come with me you'll have to be quick - I'm leaving in ten minutes.
'Can I just finish this first?' 'OK, but be quick about it .'
6.) be quick to do sth
to react quickly to what someone says or does
The government was quick to deny any involvement in the attacks.
7.) quick fix informal
a solution to a problem that can be done quickly, but is not a good or permanent solution
There's no quick fix for stopping pollution.
Congress is trying to avoid quick-fix solutions.
8.) have a quick temper
to get angry very easily
9.) be quick on the draw
a) to be able to pull a gun out quickly in order to shoot
b) AmE informal to be good at reacting quickly and intelligently to difficult questions or in difficult situations
>quickness n [U]
quick 2
quick2 interjection
used to tell someone to hurry or come quickly
Quick! We'll miss the bus!
quick 3
quick3 S3 adv
quickly - many teachers think this is not correct English
= ↑fast
Come quick! Larry's on TV!
It all happened pretty quick.
Quick as a flash (=very quickly) she replied, 'That's not what I've heard!'
quick 4
quick4 n
[Sense: 1-2; Date: 1500-1600; Origin: Probably from a Scandinavian language.]
[Sense: 3; Origin: Old English QUICK1]
1.) the quick
the sensitive flesh under your fingernails and toenails
Her nails were bitten to the quick .
2.) cut/sting/pierce sb to the quick
if a remark or criticism cuts you to the quick, it makes you feel extremely upset
She was cut to the quick by the accusation.
3.) the quick and the dead
biblical all people, including those who are alive and those who are dead

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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